10 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

This article provides some good insights into dealing with “difficult people.”  Although it is comes from the tech world, the applications apply almost anywhere, even in higher education.  See, if any of these tips are use full with students, staff, and colleagues.

Here is the list:

  1. Try not to take things personally
  2. Ask questions rather than make statements
  3. Have supporting evidence in writing
  4. Ensure understanding and communication
  5. Use appropriate phrases when needed
  6. Use “I” rather than “you”
  7. Separate the issue from the person
  8. Be assertive rather than obnoxious
  9. Turn the tables
  10. Express appreciation when approppriate

For example and more detail, see the article below from Tech Republic.

Rick W. Burkett runs the John A. Logan College Teaching and Learning Center, teaches history, and heads an educational nonprofit. He publishes blogs on a wide variety of topics, including history, teaching and learning, student success, and teaching online.

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