Katchka: Understanding the Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom

Pamela Katchka, an academic trainer and consultant for Pearson eCollege, has a two part post on Understanding the Flipped Classroom over at Faculty Focus.  Part one takes a look at the history of of the flipped classroom  while part two addresses what must be done to teach effectively in a flipped classroom environment.

Kachka concludes by saying:

Trends come and go in education. Flipping a classroom is not a new concept to education. Using video lectures to present lecture content as homework, thus freeing up valuable face-to-face class time is the latest trend born out of a years old method. If the concept is good enough to exist for years and years, updating it for 21st century learning seems, at face value, to be a pretty good idea. It does take a little work, but planning, implementing and revising are all doable tasks and each effort builds a block upon which the next term can be built.

Both posts provide a thoughtful examination of this blended learning approach and are well worth the time to read them.

Here are links to the posts:

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