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The TED franchise has added a new initiative, TED Studies.  In joining with publisher John Wiley & Sons to develop teaching materials, TED has expanded its other projects by creating “courses” for free use.  The first two courses are Psychology: Understanding Happiness and Statistics: Visualizing Data.  Both of these courses tie together video content from other TED projects to specific course objectives, overall instructor materials for the course, and instructor materials for each module in the course.

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Sample material for Psychology: Understanding Happiness:

Other planned studies:

  • Government and Politics: Cyber-Influence and Power;
  • Linguistics: Exploring the Evolution of Language;
  • Marine Biology: Deep Oceans;
  • Media & Journalism: Covering World News;
  • Religion: Understanding Islam; and
  • Urban Design: The Ecology of Cities.

TED Studies page at Wiley.

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