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Here is some TED Twitter accounts to watch from the TED Blog:

For general info:

@TEDNews: Our main Twitter account. Follow @TEDNews to get the daily TED Talk plus links to new TED Blog posts, news and announcements from TED initiatives, and top-line coverage of our conferences and events. We livetweet from here on occasion.

@TEDTalks: For minimalists who only want one update a day, this Twitter account is exclusively for the daily TED Talk, posted every morning at 11am Eastern.

For information on TED Conferences:

@TEDActive: Coverage of the happenings at TEDActive and TEDYou. Follow it now to meet the TEDActive community; the conference happens February 25–March 1, 2013, in Palm Springs, California.

@TEDGlobal: Complete conference coverage from TEDGlobal, happening June 10-14, 2013, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

@TEDLiveHQ: News about our TEDLive program, which lets you watch the TED conference feed live in your home, school or office.

@TEDYouth: Speaker-by-speaker tweets from TEDYouth, which takes place every fall in New York City. Check it out now for great quotes from the most recent event.

For info from TED.com:

@TEDConversation: Find out about great conversations happening each day on TED.com – and when to join in.

@TEDHelp: The place to go for help with problems or questions about TED.com, the conferences or our mobile apps.

@TEDQuote: Get great quotes daily from our TED Talks quotes archive.

@TEDTranslations: The hub for the Open Translation Project. Find out which talks are ready to be translated, and communicate with those translating talks into 90+ languages.

For information on TED initiatives:

@TEDBooks: Hear about the new TEDBooks and their authors, as well as great links about digital publishing.

@TED_Ed: Updates from TED’s education initiative, TED-Ed, including new lessons four times a week.

@TEDFellow: News about past and present TED Fellows.

@TEDpartners: Tweets for and about TED’s global partnerships.

@TEDAds: News about the annual Ads Worth Spreading contest, devoted to finding inspiring and inventive ads.

@TEDPrize: Updates about the TED Prize, wishes and winners. The 2013 winner of the $1 million prize will be announced at the TED Conference, February 25-March 1, 2013.

@TheCity2_0: Progress on the 2012 TED Prize winner, the City 2.0.

@TEDx: News about TEDx events and initiatives, like TEDxCity2.0 and TEDxYouthDay.

@TEDxTalks: Find out about the daily TEDxTalk, from the deep TEDxTalks library.

And some accounts that are commonly mistaken for TED channels, though they aren’t:

@Ted: The personal and professional Twitter account for video editor Ted Severson, who’s been really nice about the occasional confusion.

@TED_Tweets: This channel looks legit, but it is updated by a fan rather than the TED staff.

@TED_Talks: Is this hand-updated by a fan or a robot? We don’t know.

@ted_com: Another account that looks official, but isn’t.

@RandomTEDTalks: TED-esque talk titles, generated by an algorithm from real TED Talks (with a few handcrafted headlines thrown in). Absolutely worth a follow.

@WhatTedSaid: The official Twitter account for the Seth MacFarlane film Ted. Sigh.

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