Lyons: Managing Class Time Effectively (TOTW #7)

This is a post from the “Tip of the Week” series by Richard Lyons which is no longer available, although it is archived on Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine.  Below this is a link to the full original tip at Internet Archive.

Managing Class Time Effectively

As we have said in previous tips, students have become increasingly consumer-minded and sensitive to the value that their courses are adding to their lives. It is critical therefore to display classroom management practices that are sensitive to their needs, but also ensure the integrity of our teaching. The following suggestions should enable you to do both:

  • Begin each class meeting, as well as sessions following a break, on time. Delaying starting or re-starting the class simply invites more students to be late. Those who return late to a class already in session typically “get the message” the first
  • Develop and use an agenda for each class meeting. In it identify the approximate time each item should require, and stick to it. Some effective instructors even write their agenda on the chalk or marker board prior to class, using it as an “advance organizer” and easy rationale for moving past unproductive time wasters.
  • If you are inhibited in your effort to move to the next agenda time by prolonged, unproductive discussions, simply invite the students involved to see you, or each other, during break or at the end of class.

The full post is available at the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

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