Lyons: Conducting An Effective Final Class Meeting (TOTW #15)

This is a post from the “Tip of the Week” series by Richard Lyons which is no longer available, although it is archived on Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine. Below this is a link to the full original tip at Internet Archive.

Conducting An Effective Final Class Meeting

The final class meeting of a course will play a significant role in the perceptions that the student carries forward of their personal achievement, as well as that they adopt of the individual professor, and perhaps the entire instructional program and institution. With some much riding on the outcome, it is critical that this key milepost be effectively managed. Following are some tips for achieving common end-of-the-term goals:

  • Draft an agenda several days prior to the final class meeting, and update it several times before meeting the class;
  • Arrive early, anticipating that some students will want to discuss their status within the course privately;
  • Orchestrate as professional appearance to the classroom as possible;
  • Proactively manage the anxiety students will feel toward taking their final examination, and/or submitting a major capstone assignment, by meeting as many as possible at the door;

The full post is available at the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

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