Infographic: 7 Ways to Increase Student Engagement

This infographic from provides these seven tips to increase student engagement in your classroom:

  1. Use the 10:2 Method: For every 10 minutes of instruction, allow students two minutes to process and respond to instruction.
  2. Incorporate Movement Into Your Lessons
  3. Pick Up the Pace: Researchers have found that teaching at a brisk instructional pace provides students with more opportunities to engage, respond, and move on to the next concept.
  4. Provide frequent and effective feedback.
  5. Allow students 5-7 seconds of “think time” when asking a question.
  6. Have Students Use the 3-2-1 Method of Summarizing: At the end of a lesson, have students record three things they learned, two interesting things, and one question they have about what was taught.  Allow time to share their thoughts with a peer.
  7. Periodically Pause Mid-Sentence: Require student to fill in the blanks.

Infographic 7 ways to increase stduent engagement in the classroom