Jamie Gutfreund – Realism and Idealism: Understanding Gen Z

This is a video by Jamie Gutfreund on Generation Z.  She was a speaker at the 2015 Future of StoryTelling Summit, and is the CMO of the Cassandra Report.

Description of the clip from the Future of StoryTelling site:

Through her work on the Cassandra Report and extensive experience in digital content and commerce, Jamie Gutfreund has drawn up a full personality profile for the people who will soon be ruling the world: Generation Z. Maturing in a post-9/11 world amid a challenging economy, violent news stories, and a chaotic media environment, Generation Z looks not for perfection but for authenticity. Trends that the rest of us are still adjusting to are embedded in Generation Z’s DNA—from a constant connection to a global world to the 24/7 coverage of social media. If Generation Z can seem like a puzzle, Gutfreund has cracked the solution—and she’s come to share Gen Z’s passion in the process.


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