Webinar On Open Educational Resources

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Inside Higher Education is offering a webinar on Open Educational Resources called “The OER Moment.”  Here is there description:

The movement for open educational resources – free online materials to use instead of or in addition to textbooks – is experiencing unprecedented momentum. OER resources have proliferated, while concerns about all of the costs of attending college (including textbooks) have continued to grow. The combination is creating an OER moment.

Topics to be discussed during this webinar include:

  • National initiatives and campus-based efforts to promote the use of open educational resources OER
  • Placing OER within the context of other pushes for change in higher education
  • Some of the challenges that remain for OER

Join Inside Higher Ed editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman for a lively discussion on these topics Tuesday, July 18 at 2:00 PM ET.

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Rick W. Burkett runs the John A. Logan College Teaching and Learning Center, teaches history, and heads an educational nonprofit. He publishes blogs on a wide variety of topics, including history, teaching and learning, student success, and teaching online.

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