Infographic: Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Verbs

Infographic Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs

Infographic: Thinking Skills Framework

This infographic looks at hight order thinking skills and foundational thinking skills and the Bloom’s level associated with each of them.  It also lists starters to  use with the verbs and tools that can be used with each.

infographic thinking skills framework

Aiming Higher: Bloom and Vygotsky In the Classroom

 This is an interesting video by Marc-André Lalande which blends together Bloom’s Taxonomy with Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) for use in the classroom.  It is based on work he did with Judith Cantin.  The main idea they came up with was “targeted learning should fall in the ZPD, but the learning activity shouldn’t.  this activity should mobilize knowledge, skills or competencies from a higher level of Bloom’s taxonomy, when possible.

If you are comfortable with Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy or Vygotsky’s ZPD, you can jump ahead in the video to 5:45 in the video to see the work of Lalande and Cantin.


Infographic: Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs (Owl Theme)

Here is an interesting infographic that provides some of the verbs for Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy levels.


Source An Ethical Island

Instructional Design Series: Learning Outcomes

This video is the fifth in a series on instructional design.  This video focuses on learning outcomes.

Infographic – Instructional Design Models

Infographic - Instructional Design Models


Blooms (Digital) Taxonomy

Most educators are familiar with Bloom’s Taxonomy, a model that classifies different levels of human cognition in thinking, learning, and understanding. But in a digital age, educators are thinking about it as Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. This updated version aims to expand upon the skills associated with each level as technology becomes a more engrained – and essential – part of learning.

Infographic: Blended and Online Assessment Taxonomy

Image of an infographic.  Material covered in graphic is discussed in post below.


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Infographic – Bloom’s Taxonomy Questions

Bloom's Taxonomy Infographic

I have not been able to find a link to the original source for this infographic.

The Flipped Classroom: A Disruptive Revolution In Pedagogy, or Yet Another Educational Fad?

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Education columnist Rebecca Schuman @ Slate posted a piece on flipped classrooms yesterday.  The article is well written and brings up some good points, though at times I think the “flipped model” she describes become a bit of a straw man.  She writes:

If you are in college, I don’t mean to alarm you—but you are probably being experimented on. Stop checking for both of your kidneys; it’s not that kind of experiment. But chances are, one or more of you courses is currently being administered upside down, or “flipped.” Everything is backward: The lecture is assigned as homework! The “homework” is completed in class! The sun revolves around the Earth, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.

While there is no single model, in order to consider itself flipped, a course has to assign as homework what’s usually administered in person, often the lecture. This frees up classroom time to do what the homework would normally be—usually problem sets, now completed in teams or individually, with the instructor flitting about the flipped classroom, aiding the flummoxed with a flourish. Continue reading