Infographic: Copyright In Education

This infographic provides a good overview of copyright, including copyright, Creative Commons, public domain, fair use, and flow charts on copyright issues.

infographic Copyright in Educaiton

Creative Commons Based Learning Object Repositories

Below are just a few of the Creative Commons Learning Object Repositories (LOR) out there.

  • MIT – OpenCourseWare: Provides a free publication of course materials used at MIT including lecture notes, labs, videos, and demonstrations providing that the use is non-commercial, attributed to the appropriate faculty or staff, and made available for sharing with others.
  • Rice University – Connexions: An environment for collaboratively developing, sharing, and publishing educational content providing that the content is attributed to the creator.

Some Creative Commons Links

Below are some Creative Commons sites.  Some provide more information about Creative Commons while others provide places to publish or search for Creative Commons licensed content.

Infographic: Copyright In Education

Copyright In Education Inographic

The Benefits of Creative Commons Licensing

There are many reasons why people choose to license their content through Creative Commons licensing, or use Creative Commons licensed content.

The main benefits of using a Creative Commons license include:

  • Avoids common copyright problems regarding the sharing of information
  • Provides an easier licensing process for a work
  • Puts copyright and permission for works in the hands of the creators
  • Informs potential users as to exactly how the work is allowed to be used
  • Saves instructors and students time in seeking permission for the use of a work
  • Provides a wider range of resources for instructors and students to apply in academics
  • Can be utilized to find media (images, audio, video) for presentations, lectures, and projects

What is Creative Commons Video


Creative Commons: Wanna Work Together?

Wanna Work Together? from Creative Commons on Vimeo.

Pays tribute to the people around the world using CC licenses to build a better, more vibrant creative culture.

To view subtitled versions, or to contribute a translation, visit the dotSub page for this

7 Things You Should Know About . . . Creative Commons

7 Things You Should Know About . . . Creative Commons Icon

This document is from 2007 and is part of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative series 7 Things you should know about . . .  It gives a pretty good overview of what Creative Commons is and how it basically works.

To learn more see some of my other posts on Creative Commons and Copyright.

The document is available here.