Thomas Mennella, “The Hidden Costs of Active Learning”

Mennella gets right to the point in the opening of his article: “Flipped and active learning truly are a better way for student to learn, but they also may be a fast track to instructor burnout.”  He continues:

I am an active learning college instructor and I’m tired.  I don’t mean end-of-the-semester and need-some-sleep tired.  I mean really, weary, bone-deep tired.”

His foray into active learning began when his school became an iPad institution, with all incoming freshmen getting iPads.  He continues on discussing the workload that this change has brought as he has implemented active learning and a flipped classroom.  It provides an interesting perspective of someone who supports the pedagogy, but things other things in the institution have to change to support the change in pedagogy.

The full post is here.

“Flipping” Your Class Quick Start Guide

Flipping Your Class Quick Start Guide

This handout is from the University of Texas at Austin Office of Learning Sciences.  It is available here.

“Flipping” A Class

This video is from the University of Texas at Austin Office of Learning Sciences.

The Four Pillars of F-L-I-P Handout

Flip Definition 1Flip Definition 2

This Flipped Classroom handout had a definition for what a flipped clasroom is and it has “The Four Pillars of F-L-I-P” on the back side.  The handout is from the Flipped Learning Network and is available here: or from here.

For a Better Flip, Try MOOCs – Campus Technology

girl at laptop

David Raths has an article over at Campus Technology that looks at how MOOCs have changed the way some professors handle their face-to-face classes.  It provides some interesting insights into how this has changed their courses, especially large enrollment multi-section courses.

The full article is available here:

Infographic: Blended – Flipped

infographic Blended - Flipped

Infographic – Blended vs Flipped

This infographic addressed the similarities and differences between blended and flipped classrooms.

Infographic - Blended vs Flipped

I have been unable to find a link to the original source for this graphic.

Infographic – The Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom Infographic

The source of this graphic is and it is available here.

Webinar: The Flipped Classroom

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The slidedeck for the webinar is available here.

Book: The Flipped Classroom

Inside Higher Ed Logo

“The Flipped Classroom” is a collection of Inside Higher Ed articles and essays about changing the instructional paradigm by having students review content on their own time and using in-class time for other purposes.

The articles and essays reflect key discussions about pedagogy, technology and the role of faculty members. This booklet is part of a series of such compilations that Inside Higher Ed is publishing on a range of topics.

The booklet is available here.