Infographic: Generation Z: The Next Generation Learner

Generation Z has different preferences and expectations for learning than previous generations that may cause you to rethink your recruitment and retention strategies.  American Student Assistance has provided this infographic with some insights into Generation z.  A PDF of this infographic is available here.

Infographic Gen Z

Infographic: Emerging Social Trends Among Millennials

Schools are using the power of social networks to attract potential students, interact with current students and stay connected with alumni. American Student Assistance has released this infographic with some social media insights that may help schools interact with their students in a more positive way.  A PDF of this infographic is available here.

infographic - Emerging Social Media Trends Among Millennials

Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials: Understanding the New Students

Boomers Gen-Exers, Millennials

This article provides a good overview of the various students you will encounter in your classroom and how student populations have change since the 1970s.

The full article is available from EDUCAUSE here.