Infographic: Copyright In Education

This infographic provides a good overview of copyright, including copyright, Creative Commons, public domain, fair use, and flow charts on copyright issues.

infographic Copyright in Educaiton

Infographic: Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Verbs

Infographic Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs

Infographic: Two Mindsets, Carol S. Dweck

The following infographic illustrates Carol S. Dweck’s Two Mindset research.

infographic Dweck's Two Mindset

Infographic: Setting the Rules

Setting the Rules Infographic

Infographic: Thinking Skills Framework

This infographic looks at hight order thinking skills and foundational thinking skills and the Bloom’s level associated with each of them.  It also lists starters to  use with the verbs and tools that can be used with each.

infographic thinking skills framework

Infographic: Myers-Briggs

myers briggs infographic

Source: Career Assessment Site

From the infographic:

Personality assessments can shed light on the strengths and the weaknesses of your personality.  Being aware of your preferences can help you better interact with those around you whether in a professional and personal setting.  Higher levels of education correlate with a higher income.  Those not as concerned with education and income, thrive in social situations.  Understanding your personality type can help you play into your strengths and weaknesses.

Infographic – What Does Great Blended Learning Look Like?

Infographic - What Does Good Online Learning Look Like?


Infographic – Learner-Centered Instructional Methods

Infographic - Learner-Centered Instructional Methods


Infographic – Why Good Instructional Design

Infographic - Why Good Instructional Design



Infographic: Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs (Owl Theme)

Here is an interesting infographic that provides some of the verbs for Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy levels.


Source An Ethical Island