Infographic: Emerging Social Trends Among Millennials

Schools are using the power of social networks to attract potential students, interact with current students and stay connected with alumni. American Student Assistance has released this infographic with some social media insights that may help schools interact with their students in a more positive way.  A PDF of this infographic is available here.

infographic - Emerging Social Media Trends Among Millennials

Infographic: Twitter for Teachers

This infographic by USC Rossier School of Education looks at the use of Twitter by Teachers.

infographic twitter for teacher

Campus Technology: 6 Alternative Social Media Tools for Teaching and Learning

Leila Meyer has an interesting post at CampusTechnology on the use of social media in classes to further teaching and learning.  The 6 social media apps she spotlights are:

  1. VoiceThread
  2. Diigo
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest
  6. Feedly

Meyer highlights three benefits of using social media in classes.  Those three are:

  1. Putting concepts in context;
  2. Helping instructors keep course content up-to-date; and
  3. Fostering a sense of community both in and out of the classroom.

The full post is available here.

Adding YouTube Videos to PowerPoint Presentations

embed YouTube video into PowerPoint

There has been various ways to put YouTube videos in PowerPoint presentations over the years, but this is the one free way that still seems to work.  Follow these links to see my videos on how to insert the videos in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.  You must have developer tools turn on for this to work.  I have included videos on how to do this as well.

Inserting YouTube videos in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.

Turning On Developer Tools In PowerPoint 2007.

Turning On Developer Tools in PowerPoint 2010.


Popular Educational Twitter Hashtags (Infographic)

Popular Educational Twitter Hashtags
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A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media (Infographic)

Online Colleges posted this graphic showing ways social media can be used to engage your classes.  The graphic demonstrates way you can 1) connect, 2) Notify, 3) Teach, and 4) Curate.  It focuses on examples from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and WordPress, though other tools–including D2L–could be easily substituted.

2013 Course Technology Conference: Facebook in the Classroom

Facebook. As much as some people would like to ignore it, it is thoroughly engrained in today’s society. Melinda Doty uses this popular social networking tool to encourage interaction among her students. Whether it is a conversation about a current event or the latest assignment, she finds it’s a great way to get the class talking! In this presentation she demonstrates how she uses Facebook Groups to promote more interaction in all of her classes (face-to-face and online).

Infographic: Professors and Social Media

Infographic: Professors and Social Media

Dunlap and Lowenthal, “Instructional Uses of Twitter”

Dunlap, Joanna C., and Patrick R. Lowenthal. “Instructional Uses of Twitter.”  In Lowenthal, Patrick R., et al., The CU Online Handbook, 45-50.

This chapter is available here:

Dunlap and Stevens, “Fresh and Forward-Thinking: Using Blogs for Educational Purposes”


Dunlop, Joanna C., and Ellen Stevens.  “Fresh and Forward-Thinking: Using Blogs for Educational Purposes.  In Lowenthal, Patrick R., et al., The CU Online Handbook, 35-39.

The chapter is available at: